Can You Learn Taekwondo Online?

Is it possible to learn taekwondo online?

Three years ago I would have said no way. But with the advancement in technology available to people all over the globe, I’m reconsidering that it just may be possible to learn taekwondo online.

We are a very visual society. That’s why YouTube is one of the most successful websites in existence and why Google bought them. We have become very used to watching video for entertainment and education. Long distance learning has become more popular with college degrees available online for students who are motivated enough to do the work necessary to earn the degree.

I ask you, why should martial arts be any different? Can instructors create taekwondo video learning for their students? Of course they can. It’s possible to stream live video of anything, which means an instructor can hold weekly classes for online students of the martial arts, effectively providing the opportunity for any student to…

learn taekwondo online.

This opens doors for students who can’t or won’t leave home but still want to study. Some students live too remotely to be able to find or attend a martial arts school on a regular basis. And it’s regular study of martial arts that is critical to advancement and thus the whole notion to learn taekwondo online.

Should an instructor be awarding a black belt without ever meeting a student face-to face?

Can a student video of a test provide the necessary feedback for the instructor?

Should instructors adapt to the times and begin taking on long distance students in the attempt to serve the greater good?

And that greater good is–the teaching or martial arts and taekwon do education to as many students who are willing and able to learn. Spreading the tenets of taekwondo or budo throughout the universe is important work and students come in all shapes, sizes, ages and maybe even distances.

All good questions that we in the martial arts community should be considering in the 21st century. We have to adapt to our times to meet our students’ needs which may very well include providing effective means for our students to learn taekwondo online. It’s not going to be easy and there will be plenty of bugs to work out. But the question remains.

Can you learn taekwondo online?

Let’s talk it over…

7 Responses to “Can You Learn Taekwondo Online?”

  1. Don says:

    I do not believe you could get adequate training and feedback from online training. When an instructor is physically located in a dojang with the student, they can see all the required move from different angles. I am not totally against learning moves or forms from videos, I do believe that a trip to a local dojang to demonstrate your proficiency is a must for all students.

  2. I’m torn on the subject as well. A diligent student with a good video curriculum could teach themselves, rather like online college degrees from accredited universities. But it would take a great deal of work on both the teacher and student’s part to make it work.

  3. Andres says:

    Yes, i beleive that it’s possible, I believe sooner or later people will relize this is better than MCdojos
    i use youtube for wrestling moves. yes i attend practice but for refreshers or tips youtube is good, Not the best to get the basics (basics must be tought) but after you get the concept of whats to be done. it’s basically just self teaching like math and history.

  4. Tom Arillotta says:

    Yes, absolutely you can learn ANY martial arts from a video or live video stream. Especially a live video stream in which the instructor can also view the student doing the physical movements. I can state this as a martial arts with over 20 years experience and 4 years as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

  5. I think it’s possible to revise or check up on techniques online, but to learn a martial art from scratch … no way. There are just too many factors.

    And any instructor worth their weight will be giving students individual feedback, even if it’s only minor tweaks here and there. Those minor tweaks done often enough and spread out over several years make the martial artist.

    There’s no way you can get this from a video.

    I actually addressed this question on my “Martial arts over 40″ site, and ended up writing a two part response. My initial thoughts were about all the technical stuff, but on consideration I also realized that possibly more important was the constant pushing and stretching to take you out of your comfort zone. You need an external influence to achieve your full potential.

    I’m going to the gym tomorrow, just as I went today. But tomorrow is going to be WAAAAYY harder, because tomorrow I’ll be working with my personal trainer. It’s the same in the dojang.

    Here’s a link to the post where I talked about this. (Hope links are OK here. Sorry if they are not)

    Brett Kraiger
    IV Dan ITF Taekwon-Do International Instructor

  6. Warran Wesley says:

    The only way learning Tae Kwon Do(or any martial art online, for that matter)would possibly work is if both student and teacher have a camera link-up on their computers. The student could get direct feedback, but again, there is nothing like face-to-face contact with an instructor. Learning online is too impersonal. It’s like being in the room with a robot.

  7. I don’t feel it’s possible, unless it’s just forms or basic techniques, but even then, there’s nothing like the interaction between human beings. I’d rather take the time and necessary resources to practice privately with an instructor and have her critique my progress. Learning from a computer is too much like learning from a robot.

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